LAVACOAT Metal / Wood / Concrete / Drywall Primer

Appearance Grey Granulose Powder
Dry Density 700(±)10%(kg/m3)
Compressive Strength 4,63 (N/mm2)
670 psi
Bond Strength 2,80 (N/mm2)
406 psi
Fire Strength A2 Class / Class 2
Ready-Time 24-48 Hours
Shelf Life 12 Months
Application Method Coral Roll
Consumption 1 cm/m2 aprox. 2,5kg 
0,39 in/ft2 aprox. 5,5lb
LAVACOAT Metal / Wood / Concrete / Drywall Primer is a special primer developed as an adhesive for use prior to application of LAVACOAT coatings & products on metal, wood, concrete or drywall (in both vertical and horizontal) applications.

Steel construction, steel beams, metal surfaces, concrete, plywood panels, wood products, and drywall.

One bag of LAVACOAT Metal / Wood / Concrete / Drywall Primer is poured into a clean container and mixed with a handheld mixer for 4-5 minutes, adding approximately 9 It. (2.4 gal) of water. Prepared mixture should be used within 1 hour.Prepared mixture should be applied with a thickness of 2-3 mm [appx. 1/32 inch) to the surface with a paint roller. Average coverage area is approximately 10-12 m2 (107-130 sqft) per bag. PLEASE WATCH VIDEOS ON TO ACHIEVE CORRECT MIXING CONSISTENCY

Use of the primer ensures bonding of LAVACOAT Products to steel construction steel beams metal surfaces, plywood panels, concrete, wood and drywall, and increases the bonding and adhesion. Resistant to cracks and corrosion.

The primer & adhesive creates a fire barrier and is non-flammable. Does not contain carcinogenic materials and increases the adhesive power of the product on which it will be applied. Ensures superior resistance and durability.


• Wait 24-48 hours to dry. The drying period may vary according to weather conditions. It should NOT be applied to wet and frozen surfaces.

• The surface of application area must be free from dust, dirt, oils, surface contaminants, etc. Repair and maintenance should be made on the application surface beforehand as necessary.

• Coverage amounts may vary according to the absorbency rate and surface area.

• During the mixing process, the person mixing the LAVACOAT product must wear a pair of safety glasses or goggles and a mask for health and safety purposes. See MSDS for additional precautions.

• LAVACOAT Metal / Wood / Concrete / Drywall Primer is to be used onto Metal, Wood, Plywood, Concrete, and Drywall with the following LAVACOAT Products;

• LAVACOAT Insulated Exterior Coating

• LAVACOAT Insulated Interior Coating

• LAVACOAT All-Weather Terrace / Roof / Balcony Coating